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This website displays Koha ILS usage statistics. With permission from the libraries, the following data has been collected from their installed systems. Any information not stored anonymously has been allowed by the library.

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Some numbers from the 497 libraries sharing data

In total, the 497 libraries have 31,214,892 biblios. The library with the highest amount of biblios has 1,019,107, and the library with the lowest number has 0. The average is 61,811.67.

They have a total of 31,548,285 authorities. The largest number of authorities is 1,855,429, the smallest number is 0. The average is 62,471.85.

They have a total of 42,566,023 items. The highest amount of items is 1,327,902, the lowest amount is 0. The average is 84,289.15.

They serve a total of 5,276,206 patrons. The highest number of patrons served is 215,281, the lowest number is 0. The average is 10,447.93.

They issue a total of 137,722,105 books. The largest amount of books issued is 9,384,321, the smallest amount is 0. The average is 272,717.04.